Golik Academy is a product born out of an encounter with end-users and their need to turn theory into practice.
Teaching practice and implementation from the sample preparation stage to obtaining results, and then accurate and advanced analysis.
As representatives of companies that are global brands and experts in the fields of analytics, chemical and physical characterization, biotechnology, and organic chemistry, we have trained our professional personnel and they are ready to mentor and empower employees, develop methods and applications dedicated to the user, and be the reliable source of information for all your professional questions. 

תנאי התקהלות בעקבות הקורונה מאלצים אותנו להתגעגע ולא להיפגש. ניתן להזמין קורסים בהיקפים מצומצמים ולפי הקפסולות בעבודתכם או קורסים פרטיים אונליין.​


Crowding conditions forced us to take a break.

You can order courses on according to the capsules in your work or private online courses.


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