Raman Spectroscopy

Agilent’s Raman Spectroscopy portfolio includes instruments, technologies, and accessories for a wide range of applications. Agilent’s Raman instruments use our proprietary SORS and TRS technologies in fields ranging from aviation security, pharmaceutical analysis, and hazardous chemical identification. These technologies enable you to scan through-barriers, increasing the safety for first responders and throughput in quality control.

Resolve Handheld Through-Barrier Identification System

Providing a revolutionary new capability in hazardous material detection and incident response, the Resolve handheld Raman spectrometer enables rapid identification of explosives, narcotics, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents and other materials through sealed, opaque containers. The system identifies materials from comprehensive libraries, with Agilent's unique handheld SORS technology enabling positive identification through a wide range of sealed nonmetallic containers, barriers, and packaging.

Resolve’s through-barrier capability enables safer operation by removing the need to open containers. Hazards remain contained and evidence is more easily preserved, allowing first responders to identify container contents early in an operation, prior to escalation. A portable Raman analyzer built to withstand tough user environments, Resolve is deployed in hazmat response, EOD, CBRN, law enforcement (including fentanyl detection), and for parcel screening at customs, ports and borders.

Resolve Handheld Through-Barrier Identification System

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