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Zetasizer Ultra


Malvern Panalytical

Malvern Panalytical

Zetasizer Ultra World’s most advanced light scattering system The new Zetasizer Ultra is our most advanced system for the measurement of particle and molecular size, particle charge and particle concentration, and represents the most intelligent and flexible instrument in the Zetasizer range. This flagship instrument enjoys all the benefits afforded by ZS Xplorer software, in terms of ease of use, analysis speed and data confidence, and also offers two unique measurement capabilities: Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS®) and Particle Concentration, to offer even greater insight into your samples.

Key Differences

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The Zetasizer Ultra is the world’s most capable combined DLS and ELS system, incorporating Non-Invasive Back Scatter (NIBS®) and, uniquely, Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS) technology for the measurement of particle and molecular size. NIBS provides the versatility and sensitivity to measure over a wide concentration range, while MADLS permits a higher resolution view into your sample’s size distribution for those critical measurements.

An extension to MADLS affords the ability to directly analyze particle concentration. The measurement of particle concentration is calibration-free, suitable for a wide range of materials, requires no or little dilution, and is quick to use – all of which make it ideal as a screening technique.  This is a unique capability of the Zetasizer Ultra which can even be applied to samples such as viruses and VLPs, which were previously very challenging to measure. 

  • Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS) scheme for absolute confidence in particle and molecular size distribution analysis

  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) measures particle and molecule size, from below 1 nm to 10 µm 

  • Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS) measures the zeta potential of particles and molecules, indicating sample stability and/or propensity to aggregate

  • Non-Invasive Back-Scatter (NIBS) optics for versatile, high sensitivity, particle and molecular size measurements

  • Simple, calibration-free particle concentration measurements

  • Disposable capillary sizing cell provides the ultimate in non-destructive, low volume (down to 3 µL) analysis, with an upper size range that extends to 10 μm

  • M3-PALS with Constant Current Mode for zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility measurements

  • ZS Xplorer software suite for simple and flexible method set-up and data analysis

  • Adaptive Correlation for faster, more reproducible sizing measurements with less sample preparation

  • Deep Learning empowered data quality system for assessment of any size data quality issues, with clear advice on how to improve results

  • Optical filter wheel with fluorescence filter to allow measurement of fluorescent samples without impairing overall system sensitivity.  Also includes polarization filters for DDLS measurements

  • The optional MPT-3 Auto titrator enables study of the effect of changes in pH

  • A range of disposable and reusable cells are available to optimize the measurement in terms of sample volume and concentration, including the new low volume disposable sizing cell kit, which offers the dual benefits of size measurements in as little as 3uL, and extension to the upper size range of DLS measurements, due to the suppression of convection currents

The Malvern Panalytical Zetasizer Ultra can be used in many industry applications, including:

  • Academia

  • Bioscience

  • Food and drink

  • Nanomaterials

  • Paints, inks and coatings

  • Pharmaceuticals

Technical Specification

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Particle size and molecular size

Measurement principle: Dynamic light scattering (Non-Invasive Back-Scatter - NIBS)

Dynamic light scattering (13°, 173°)

Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS)

Measurement angle: 173°, 13°, 90° ¹

Measurement range: 0.3 nm - 10 μm (diameter) ²

Minimum sample volume: 3 μL

Concentration range: Minimum sample concentration ³: 
NIBS (173°): 0.1 mg/mL 

Forward angle (13°): 5 mg/mL 

Side angle (90°): 1 mg/mL 

MADLS: 1 mg/mL

Maximum sample concentration ⁴ ⁵: 40% w/v 

Zeta potential

Measurement principle: Mixed-mode measurement, phase analysis light scattering (M3-PALS)

Size range: 3.8 nm – 100 μm (diameter) ²

Minimum sample volume: 20 μL ⁶

Concentration range: 1 mg/mL ³ - 40% w/v ⁴ ⁵

Sample conductivity range: Maximum: 260 mS/cm
Accuracy: ± 10%

Particle concentration

Concentration range: 30nm gold: 1 x 10⁸ - 1 x 10¹² particles/mL


Detector: Avalanche photodiode

Temperature control range: Purge facility using dry air/nitrogen ⁷

Dimensions (W, D, H): 322 mm x 565 mm x 245 mm

Weight: 19 kg

Power: AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 4.0 A

Power consumption: Max. 100 W, 45 W typical

Ambient conditions: +10°C to +35°C (+50°F to +95°F) 35% - 80% RH (non-condensing)

Interface: USB 2.0 or higher


1. Water as sample dispersant;
2. Peak mode range (diameter) 0.6 nm - 10 μm; sample & sample preparation dependent;
3. Measured using 15 kDa protein;
4. Sample-dependent;
5. Measured using bile acid;
6. Using diffusion barrier method;
7. Temperature accuracy 0.1°C at 25°C, 0.2°C at 0°C, 0.5°C at 90°C, 2.5°C at 120°C

Zetasizer Ultra


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