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Closely monitoring basic parameters such as moisture, fat, or protein is crucial to correct deviations in manufacturing processes. The X-Sential™ has been developed and designed to be a high-value, cost-efficient, and fit-for-purpose process sensor.

Key Differences

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  • Six distinct extraction positions enable individual process control and simultaneous operation of different extraction methods

  • Multiple work packages can be executed in parallel

  • Faster method development and higher sample throughput

Analyte protection sensor

  • Patent pending analyte protection always guarantees that only a minimum level of solvent in the beaker can be found, which results in best analyte recoveries

  • Prevents the deterioration and degradation of heat sensitive analytes during all process steps

  • Ensures safe and reproducible concentration of the extract

Fully inert conditions and maximized safety for the analyte

  • All components in the UniversalExtractor E-800 that are in contact with the sample and the solvents are made of completely inert material

  • Eliminates sample contamination and any memory effects from leaching materials

  • The inert gas supply, selectable at all process steps (extraction, rinsing, drying) protects the analyte against oxidation

  • Inert gas is automatically switched on if the analyte protection sensor is triggered

Flexible applications

  • Profit from five different extraction methods in one universal glass assembly. Choose the optimal extraction method to achieve best recoveries and low result variation

  • For low contaminated samples, the Large Sample Volume (LSV) glass assembly can expand the sample volume used to the extraction by 60 %

  • Fast and equal heating, even for high boiling solvents such as water or toluene

Technical Specification

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Dimensions (W x D x H)200 x 200 x 100 mm

Weight5 kg

NIR wavelength range900 – 1700 nm

Visible light range (VIS)350 – 900 nm

Measuring time20 spectra/s

Illumination spot diameter10 mm or 40 mm, depending on accessory and optical setup

Housing materialsAluminum (nickel coated), SS 316L 1.4404 flange, 

NBR (standard sealing material; FFKM optional)

Ingress Protection ClassIP69/X9K

Ambient temperature-10°C – 40°C

Product / flange temperature-10°C – 70°C (130°C with X-Cell water cooling)




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