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Vacuum Pump V-600




The powerful and quietly operating three-stage PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump is robust and chemically resistant. It operates at the maximum flow rate of 3.1 m3/h and achieves an ultimate vacuum of 1.5 mbar. Thanks to its high flexibility, the Vacuum Pump V-600 can be integrated effortlessly into any BUCHI laboratory or industrial evaporator for utmost efficiency.

Key Differences

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  • Quiet and smooth operation thanks to speed regulation

  • Unattended and safe operation with alerts for the potential overflow of the receiving flask, when combined with optional level sensor

Robust and reliable

  • High chemical resistance thanks to supreme quality materials

  • Increased lifetime by speed-controlled operation in conjunction with the optional Interface I-300 / I-300 Pro

  • Easy visual detection of condensate and particles through the transparent front panel


  • Seamless plug & play integration into a laboratory Rotavapor® R-300 system with one or two rotary evaporators
    an industrial Rotavapor® R-220 Pro system for large volume
    a parallel evaporation system Syncore® or Multivapor™ for simultaneous evaporation of multiple samples

Technical Specification

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Vacuum Pump V-600


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