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UV-Vis Detector C-640




With the simultaneous monitoring at four different wavelengths over the whole UV and visible range, the C-640 Detector allows you to detect and isolate your compounds using the Sepacore® Flash Chromatography systems.

Key Differences

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  • Detects most compounds in a broad wavelength range at 200 – 840 nm

  • Saves time by simultaneously monitoring four wavelengths

  • Locates your compound at any time with a UV-Vis scan (using SepacoreControl software)


  • Adjusts the flow cell path length according to the amount of sample

  • Designed for: analytical HPLC, preparative HPLC and flash chromatography


  • Easy integration in any system configuration

  • Very compact unit

  • Stand-alone or computer control

Technical Specification

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Wavelength range 200 – 840 nm

Typical spectral half width 10 nm

Accuracy of adjustment ± 1 nm

Light source Deuterium discharge lamp / halogen lamp

Maximum flow rate500 mL/min

Maximum pressure at the cell 20 bar (290 psi)

Interface RS232

UV-Vis Detector C-640


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