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TS 80-100




Optimal for your work in the laboratory and industry: Space-saving and quiet freezer with small external dimensions.

Temperature range : -80°C to -50°C
Capacity: 100 l

Key Differences

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  • Maximum use of interior space together with compact exterior dimensions thanks to vacuum insulation panels (VIP)
    - A significant improvement in energy efficiency compared to standard PU foam insulation

  • Extremely quiet cooling unit

  • Microprocessor-controlled adjustment using a membrane keyboard
    - Clearly legible LED display
    - Protection against inadvertent activation

  • Maximum reliability thanks to an alarm system that is separate from the mains, with battery capacity for approx. 72 hours
    - Display of the maximum temperature reached in the interior area during the fault
    - Visual and acoustic alarm signal

  • Interfaces
    - Potential-free contact with the connection to an external alarm system
    - RS485 interface 
    - 100 mV/K output for connecting a temperature recording system

  • High-grade stainless steel interior

  • Bushing (diameter 19mm), e.g. for temperature monitoring with external sensors

  • Inlaid grille (stainless steal, various positions possible)

  • Lockable door latch with lever action

  • Insulation door with optimum sealing efficiency
    - Profiled construction, as a result no interior cover required
    - Magnetic seal with an additional sealing surface
    - Door frame heating

Technical Specification

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Temperature range -80°C to -50°C

Control accuracy +/- 1 K

Capacity100 litres

Interior [WxDxH] 45 x 45 x 50 cm

External dimensions [WxDxH]68 x 73 x 116 cm

Weight 131 kg

Ambient temperature+12°C to +30°C

Electrical connection230 V / 50 Hz

TS 80-100


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