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The 859 Titrotherm is a thermometric titrator that comes into play where potentiometric titration reaches its limitations. Instead of the electrochemical potential, this instrument measures the temperature change in the titration solution. This technique is particularly useful for sodium, FFA, or TAN/TBN determinations, among others. 859 Titrotherm with operator Key features Proven, robust technique if potentiometric titration cannot be used Ease of use: no sensor calibration or maintenance One sensor for all applications Automation options to save time Titration within seconds

Key Differences

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859 Titrotherm complete with tiamo™

Computer-controlled titrator for thermometric titration. Including complete accessories for the titration (10 mL buret, titration stand with rod stirrer, Thermoprobe, titration vessel and tiamo™ light).

Technical Specification

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Titrotherm – when potentiometric titration does not work

This instrument enables you to determine the analyte content via the reaction enthalpy, i.e., the temperature change in the solution.

You can thus perform direct analyses which would not be possible with potentiometric titration.

Thermometry is particularly useful for the determination of sodium in foodstuffs, free fatty acids (FFA) in edible oils and fats, total acid number (TAN) and total base number (TBN) in mineral oil products, and acid mixtures in electroplating baths.

One sensor, many applications, no worries

As the Titrotherm uses a temperature sensor, you can do away with various cumbersome and time-consuming tasks:

  • No sensor calibration or maintenance required

  • No sensor exchange required for different applications

Acid number determination in crude oil as per ASTM D8045

The ASTM D8045 standard describes the determination of total acidity in petroleum products by thermometry. This method helps you to make your analyses faster, more reproducible, and simpler as compared with potentiometric determination.

Optional automation for high sample throughput

If you are dealing with large quantities of samples, you have the option to automate your thermometric titration.

Combine the Titrotherm with an 814 USB Sample Processor or an 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL and benefit from a high level of automation while keeping investment costs low.

Easy, flexible, powerful: operation with tiamo software

The Titrotherm is controlled with the tiamo software.

You are thus able to develop and optimize your own methods. This software also recognizes the instrument automatically when it is connected to the computer.



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