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Selective Adsorption Analyzer (SAA)


Micromeritics Instruments Corporation

Micromeritics Instruments Corporation

Breakthrough Analysis

Key Differences

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The Selective Adsorption Analyzer SAA 8100 is a gas delivery system based upon the technology of PID Engineering and Technology, a Micromeritics company. The primary components of the system include mass flow controllers, blending valves, vapor sources, temperature control, and a simple column for evaluating adsorbents. The basic procedure for evaluating an adsorbent candidate includes: activation (degassing) of the adsorbent, flow a mixture of gases (or vapors) through the column containing the adsorbent, and monitor the composition of the effluent gas from the column containing the adsorbent. The quantity of gases adsorbed may be determined from a simple mass balance using the mass flow entering the column minus the mass flow of components exiting the column. This difference is the accumulation (adsorption) of components from the gas phase. The Selective Adsorption Analyzer is also often referred to as a Breakthrough Analyzer because of its ability to generate breakthrough curves.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Optimized and minimized “dead volumes”

  • Simple column design with exceptional flow control enables multiple gases to be used with highly controlled blending

  • Sample column is housed in a precise, temperature-controlled hotbox, particularly important for Breakthrough experiments

  • Proprietary blending valves provide important advantages for gas mixing and for minimizing the system dead volume

  • System scalability that enables expansion of capabilities over time through addition of detectors and other optional accessories (e.g. Mass Spectrometer, GC/MS, Vapor generator, others available upon request)

  • Back pressure control that allows the user to perform experiments at commercially relevant conditions

Common Applications:

  • Gas separation, storage & purification

  • Breakthrough analysis

  • CO2 capture

  • Sorption selectivity

  • Evaluation of next generation adsorbent materials such as MOFs, COFs, ZIFs, zeolites, activated carbons, silica gels, activated alumina, molecular sieve carbon, porous polymers & resins

Common tests performed:

  • Multi component adsorption

  • Mixed gas adsorption

  • Breakthrough curve analysis

  • Adsorption of gas & vapor mixtures

  • Selectivity & adsorption capacity

  • Dynamic adsorption & desorption measurements

  • Competitive adsorption

  • High pressure isotherms

  • Pure component data (low pressure, high temperature, wide range of temperatures)


Technical Specification

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Selective Adsorption Analyzer (SAA)


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