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RapID Raw Material ID Verification System




The RapID Raman system is the next generation in raw material testing for pharmaceutical GMP quality control. RapID is a portable Raman spectrometer that uses Agilent’s spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) technology to extend high-throughput spectroscopic analysis through clear packaging to nontransparent and colored containers. This unique capability makes RapID ideally suited to noninvasive raw material identity verification.

With conventional techniques, raw material testing in opaque containers can create a bottleneck in pharmaceutical manufacturing. A dedicated sampling area is needed to open, sample, test, and reseal each container to verify the identity of the contents. The RapID system allows the operator to verify the contents of each container through opaque and colored packaging in seconds, enabling release immediately into production. This saving on handling and lab testing reduces the overhead from hours or days to only minutes per batch.

Key Differences

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  • Portable Raman ID through opaque and colored sacks, tubs, and bottles

  • 100% ID testing for all incoming containers

  • Faster ID workflow

  • Reduce operator time and sample-handling booth usage

  • No contamination—better for quality and operator exposure

  • Avoid sampling, maintain sterility, and prevent cross-contamination

  • Sterile manufacturing of parenteral and biological products benefits from the RapID system's non-invasive approach

  • Compatible with most containers, APIs, and excipients—unlike conventional handheld Raman devices, the RapID system is compatible with multilayer paper and plastic sacks, opaque plastic drums, and thick amber glass bottles

  • Optional RapID magnetic nozzle attachments are available for simple and reversible adaptation, making it easier to work with containers such as amber glass and plastic bottles

  • Meet data integrity standards: Built-in technical controls ensure the security of your data, control access, and facilitate compliance as defined by US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, and similar national electronic record regulations

System Use

RapID in production - In routine operations, the RapID system is simple to use and highly suitable for warehouse or material storage environments. Using SORS technology, the system can positively identify raw materials through packaging. Bar code scanning of batch, materials, and container information can be used to streamline routine operations.

Adding Library Items - Library items are created through a simple process of training, validation, and release to production, meaning that all materials, even uncommon ones, can be easily added.


RapID is designed to be used in a production environment at a place close to ‘goods-in/goods receivable’, and as such is a robust system designed for simple use. It is operated by a “gloved-hand” touch screen with user-friendly 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software. Through its simple interface, touch screen operation, and bar code reader users can quickly add, use, and transfer ID verification models. RapID can be optionally connected to a network wirelessly or through a wired network connection for data synchronization and database backup.

Technical Specification

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  • 21 CFR Part 11


  • Domain/network via RJ-45

  • USB 2.0


  • 630 mm


  • 693 mm

Laser Safety

  • Class 3B

Laser Wavelength(s)

  • 830 nm

Power Consumption

  • 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


  • 394 mm

RapID Raw Material ID Verification System


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