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QAsh 1800


Questron Technologies

Questron Technologies

QAsh achieves fast ashing times by combining in-situ airflow with a microwave. It has a large floor area to accommodate a large number of samples and is suitable for polymers, oils, food, pulp, sludge, and many other sample types. Ashing System With Furnace

Key Differences

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Questron’s QAsh 1800 is designed to perform many high temperature microwave ashing furnace up to 97% faster than traditional muffle furnaces, giving you more time to conduct experiments.

Our Microwave Ashing System reduces exposure to fumes and heat with a built-in exhaust system that does not require placement of the unit in a fume hood.

They have calibration software and NIST traceable accessories are available. While many laboratories still use a traditional muffle furnace or electrical furnaces to ash samples for process control purposes, these techniques can be time-consuming – often taking hours per run. This can result in high energy usage and ultimately, high operating costs. In addition, traditional furnaces tend to diffuse heat and odors while in use which can lead to an uncomfortable working environment than our microwave ashing furnace.

Our Microwave Ashing System, Qash 1800 reduces ashing times dramatically, often from hours to minutes, and offers the laboratory the most versatile way to ash samples. Its well-engineered design focuses on safety while eliminating corrosion, typical ashing odors, and greatly reducing the operator’s exposure to fumes.

Questron’s QAsh Microwave Ashing system has resulted in a significant improvement in internal quality control and in some cases sample preparation procedures. We, at Questron, constantly strive to help laboratories in a variety of industries resulting in their desired efficiency.

QAsh Offers

  • Reduction in ashing times by up to 90%.

  • Produces consistent ashing.

  • Provides safe work environment.

  • Saves lab space with a small footprint.

  • Documentation of ashing processes.

  • A choice for crucible material.

  • 9 – 50 mL crucibles in one batch.

  • Attains 1,000°C in 25 minutes.

  • 1800 watts of microwave energy.

  • Temperature homogeneity; 1,000°C to 1,200°C.

  • Multistep heating of samples.

  • Convenient LED Bar temperature display.

  • Optional UPS in case of power failure.

Faster & Consistent

Microwaves coupled with SiC are known to produce high temperatures at a much faster rate compared to old electrical heating furnaces. QAsh has a software controlled air inlet inside the ashing chamber which fuels the ashing process. The introduction of air at the source pushes ashing by-products out. An alumina fibre ashing chamber helps retain heat. This provides an efficient ashing process. Vertically placed SiC plates, in conjunction with ceramic insulation, create uniform temperatures across the ashing chamber. The R type thermocouple is encapsulated in a chemical resistant material. It measures temperatures accurately over the working range of 25°C to 1,200°C.

Cleaner & Cooler

Software controlled compressed air or nitrogen gas are introduced into the chamber to draw out fumes and soot. The built-in fan and external blower purge hot gases for safe disposal and results in a cleaner system interior and a cooler exterior. This assists in maintaining a comfortable working environment. The exhaust port has a filter trap to prevent particulate matter and other ashing by-products from entering the exhaust fan thus increasing the life of the exhaust fan..

User-Friendly Software Control

  • Easy-to-build ashing recipe with multiple heating steps and air control settings.

  • Calculates sample weight and % ash content.

  • Displays ashing process time and thermal changes graphically.

  • Capable of connecting to external Weighing balance for direct weight transfer.

  • Manual panel provide control over various functionality.

  • Ashing data is collected and stored for archiving or future viewing in graphical or tabular formats.

Technical Specification

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QAsh 1800


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