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Pure C-850 FlashPrep




Maximize your lab space with multifunctionality

With the Pure platform it is possible to combine two different techniques in one system without sacrificing features or functionality:

Flash and prep HPLC: you can have a fast purification or a higher purity of your material or both
UV-Vis & ELS detection: detection of any compound (chromophoric and non-chromophoric)
Additionally Pure C-850 FlashPrep offers all other advantages of the Pure line regarding space saving, safe operation and ease of use.

Key Differences

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Space Saving

  • The Pure instruments enable efficient use of lab space. Several features make them fit in any limited environment: Small footprint and an extra solvent platform
    Cartridge/ column holders on the front of the system
    Integrated UV and ELSD
    Flash and prep HPLC in one system

Safe Operation

  • Safety comes first! Therefore BUCHI developed and combined numerous state-of-the-art technologies for Pure: Closed fraction collector bay ensures clean air in the lab
    Leak and pressure sensors for safe operation
    Remote control reduces exposure to the lab environment

Simple to Use

  • Ease of use is what stands out in all Pure instruments. Key elements are: The software interface follows a proven logic
    The integrated ELSD technology is the most user-friendly
    The sample injection is universal
    All important parts are easily accessible for cleaning or maintenance

Technical Specification

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Solvent delivery system 3-piston pump with auto-priming. 4 independent channels with up to 4 solvents in a single run, auto-switches lines when solvent depletes.

Pump flow rate 250mL/min.

Maximum pressure 50bar (725psi).

Gradient Binary. Isocratic, linear, step.

Sample injection Liquid or solid sample.

Detection UV 200-800nm, combination of up to 4 UV signals and scan of entire UV range. ELSD (only C-815)

Peak collection Slope and/or threshold detection

Column sizes 4-330g on instrument, luer type. 750g up to 5000g with optional holder.

Dimensions (W x D x H) 365 x 570 x 680mm

Weight 25kg / 27kg with ELSD

Pure C-850 FlashPrep


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