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N 920 G




Chemically resistant, oil-free diaphragm pump with integrated speed control for adjusting the pump speed to your specific process requirements. It features a gas ballast, PPS heads, PTFE-coated diaphragms and FFPM valves.

Key Differences

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  • Clean, 100% oil-free operation

  • High suction speed, particularly in the low vacuum range

  • Adjustable speed control

  • Exceptionally quiet

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Maintenance-free

Technical Specification

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Flow Rate (max.)21 l/min

Ultimate Vacuum (max.)2 mbar (abs.)

Pressure (max.)0.5 bar (rel.)

Weight9.5 kg

Permissible Media Temperature5-40 °C

Permissible Ambient Temperature10-40 °C

Valve MaterialFFPM

Diaphragm MaterialPTFE coated

Pump Head MaterialPPS

N 920 G


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