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Mira DS Flex




The Mira DS Flex package allows the user to customize the Mira DS to meet their needs. The Flex package includes the basic components needed to operate the Mira DS without sampling attachments. At least one sampling attachment is required for operation. The Mira DS Flex package includes the library of illicit materials, a calibration standard, and a USB cable. Class 3B operation.

Key Differences

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Technical Specification

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Barcode Scanner false

Battery life (h) ≥ 4 h (with recommended batteries)

Height (mm) 45.0

Laser output power (mW) ≤ 100

Laser Wavelength (nm) 785.0

Length (mm) 128.0

Resolution (cm⁻¹) (FWHM) 8–10

Spectral Range (cm⁻¹) 400-2300

Touchscreen Display 3.7" resistive

Weight (grams) 705.0

Width (mm) 88.0

Mira DS Flex


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