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KjelFlex K-360




Perform Kjeldahl nitrogen or protein determination and additional steam distillation in the most flexible way. The modular setup allows to adapt the KjelFlex K-360 at any time including a wide selection of titrators to guarantee smooth and easy operation.

Key Differences

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  • Customizable analysis methods for multi-purpose use

  • Modular concept to adapt to changing needs

  • Modern instrument software enabling convenient routine use

  • Connection to various external titrators for semi-automated processing

Data security

  • Storage of results on the instrument (titrant consumption)

  • Data export on USB printer for documentation purposes

  • No unauthorized use due to password protection


  • Acid resistant pump for additional steam distillation applications

  • Wide selection of titrators for colorimetric or potentiometric procedures

  • Reduction of steam power for gentle distillation

  • Choice of glass or plastic splash protector

Technical Specification

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KjelFlex K-360


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