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Indizo is a fully walk away platform that automates the labor intensive and error-prone tasks of spraying, weighing, and sample collection for pump delivery and dose content uniformity testing for vertically and side-actuated nasal sprays .

Using Vereo® Actuator technology as its core engine and Viota® software for control and analysis, the system reduces out-of-specification results and manual inconsistencies with precise, repeatable actuation, offering a superior level of parameter control to mimic human usage.

Key Differences

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  • Delivers up to 300% increase in throughput using 50% fewer resources (based on standard batch size of 10 devices)

  • Capable of both delivered and metered shot weights using integrated Mettler Toledo Analytical Balance

  • Performs required release testing from beginning of life (BoL) through end of life (EoL)

  • User friendly, step-by-step method setup and operational pre-checks ensure deck is loaded properly before each testing run

  • Precision fit sample collector eliminates variation due to "spray and flip" manual method

  • 10 device capacity for pump delivery and spray content uniformity with 20 dose content collectors and 10 pump delivery collectors (shown above)

  • 20 device capacity for pump delivery with 20 sample collectors

  • Industry-leading software offers intuitive instrument control, method development, data analysis tools, as well as a full audit trail for your product

  • Intuitive user-guided workflows ensure quality data generation and minimize errors

  • Comprehensive technical controls and reporting functionality facilitate compliance with U.S. 21 CFR Part 11 regulations for electronic records, electronic signatures, audit trails, and data/system/user traceability

  • Connection to a central database lets you create, validate, and deploy testing methods, which can be easily transferred to other instruments and other sites around the world

  • Applicability to FDA Guidance

Technical Specification

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