i-Raman Prime 785S Portable Raman Spectrometer


The award-winning STRam® unites a high-throughput spectrometer, specialized sampling optics, and advanced algorithms in a portable Raman system, delivering rapid material identification capabilities through a variety of barrier layers and types of packaging that were previously impenetrable using Raman spectroscopy. Using our patented STRaman® technology, the STRam can record Raman signals generated under diffusive layers to identify material inside even visually opaque barriers, such as white and lightly colored plastic bottles, fiber sacks, and tablet coatings. With the STRam, materials can be identified without opening containers and coming in contact with the material, thus maintaining package and sample integrity. The system design features a large area for sampling, a great sample depth, and a minimized power density, facilitating the measurement of samples that can be challenging for conventional Raman spectroscopy.

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i-Raman Prime 785S Portable Raman Spectrometer

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