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HydrolEx H-506




The HydrolEx H-506 performs acid hydrolysis as a sample preparation step prior to fat extraction for total fat determination. The HydrolEx H-506 offers a smooth and safe process with convenient system handling.

Key Differences

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Compliant acid hydrolysis for total fat determination

  • Acid hydrolysis prior to extraction is an essential work step of the total fat determination where matrix structures enclosing the fat fraction of food and feed samples are broken up

  • Assures conformity with official regulations for the declaration of total fat content

  • The standardized and exhaustive procedure guarantees reproducible results

  • Supports large sample volumes of up to 10 gram samples for accurate results, independent of fat content or homogeneity

Safe handling

  • Effective and long-lasting FKM sealings avoid exposure to harmful fumes

  • Convenient transfer of the hydrolysate without getting in contact with the sample


  • The lift device supports smooth movement of the sample rack

  • Efficient rinsing with dedicated rinsing funnels

  • Fast and convenient filtration for complete sample transfer and high recoveries

  • Convenient transfer of the hydrolysed sample into the Soxhlet extraction chamber with reusable glass sample tubes

Technical Specification

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Dimension (W × D × H)312 × 614 × 470 mmWeight net13 kgPower consumption1200 WConnection voltage220 – 240 V or 100 – 120 V (+/- 10 % VAC)Frequency50 / 60 Hz

HydrolEx H-506


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