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FatExtractor E-500




The FatExtractor E-500 is designed for quick and compliant fat extraction. Gain the flexibility to readily adapt your FatExtractor E-500 to changing needs with the interchangeable glass assembly and execute extractions according to Soxhlet, Randall or Twisselmann.

Key Differences

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True Soxhlet

  • Soxhlet extraction is exhaustive and rugged but is still the mostly used and regulatorily demanded method for many sample matrices

  • Analytical risks or time-consuming validation of other extraction methods deviating from the standard do not exist

  • Used as reference method for NIR calibrations

Soxhlet extraction made faster

  • Reduced cycle times are the result using of high-end components such as optical sensor, powerful heating and optimized glass assembly

  • Automated Soxhlet process reaches an unmatched speed compared to traditional glassware assemblies

  • Reduced time-to-result and unprecedent sample throughput per day

Interchange between glass assemblies (SOX-HE-ECE)

  • Easy change of glass assembly that is compliant with Soxhlet, Randall (HE) and Twisselmann (ECE)

  • No limitation to one extraction method, but adaptable to needs and changing demands

  • Profit from unrivalled quick extraction times and lowest solvent consumption of HE

Technical Specification

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Dimension (W × D × H)638 × 595 × 613 mm

Weight net42 kg

Power consumption1300 W

Connection voltage100 – 240 V (+/- 10 % VAC)

Frequency50 / 60 Hz

Solvent recovery> 90 %

Water consumptionmax. 1.7 L / min

FatExtractor E-500


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