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Evidence MultiSTAT


Randox Toxicology

Randox Toxicology

Using our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology , the Evidence MultiSTAT is an automated analyser that enables on-site simultaneous detection of up to 21 classical, prescription and synthetic drugs from a single sample. Designed to work across a variety of matrices , our patented multi-analyte testing platform provides a complete immunoassay profile within minutes, changing the landscape of drug detection forever.

Key Differences

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Reliable Results

Using chemiluminescence as a measurement principle, the Evidence MultiSTAT consistently delivers accurate results and offers a highly sensitive way to detect drugs of abuse.

Fully Automated

MultiSTAT offers rapid, fully automated and highly accurate results from a single sample for a complete profile. The only steps required from the user are to apply sample, load into the machine and press start.

Image Processing

The analyser uses unique image processing software to translate the Relative Light Units (RLU) generated from the chemiluminescent reactions into an analyte concentration.

User Friendly

Easy to use software controlled via a 15.6” touchscreen means this analyser is one of the easiest to use on the market, useable in non-laboratory settings by non-laboratory staff.

Quick, Accurate Results

From sample entry to results in 3 steps and analysis completed in 18 minutes the MultiSTAT is a quick reliable option for accurate profiling of samples using revolutionary patented technology.

Multiplex Technology

Using multiplex technology the MultiSTAT can provide simultaneous detection for a wide range of analytes from a single sample, saving your time while getting all the results you need.

Technical Specification

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Evidence MultiSTAT


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