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Evidence Investigator


Randox Toxicology

Randox Toxicology

The Evidence Investigator is a semi-automated, compact benchtop analyser. It uses Randox’s revolutionary Biochip Array Technology, with the worlds most comprehensive toxicology menu, meaning for simultaneous detection of multiple drug metabolites from a single sample. The Evidence Investigator is a cost effective and efficient solution when testing for drugs of abuse, providing laboratories with a highly sensitive immunoassay screen.

Key Differences

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Simultaneous Analyte Detection

The multiplex testing capabilities of Biochip Array Technology facilitates simultaneous screening of various drug metabolites across 16 toxicology arrays, with CVs typically <10%

Extensive Test Menu

More tests than any other sole supplier with routine and novel drug tests available. Randox Toxicology are continually investing in R&D in-line with new emerging drug trends

Optimum Efficiency

Multi-analyte controls and calibrators and multiplex testing capabilities facilitate laboratory efficiency and deliver a cost consolidating solution for the toxicology laboratory

Multiple Matrices

The Evidence Investigator facilitates testing of multiple matrices including; whole blood, post-mortem blood, urine, oral fluid, hair, vitreous humor, meconium and tissue to accommodate any laboratory

Fast turnaround time

With a throughput of 54 samples in 70 minutes, the Evidence Investigator is uniquely designed for fast and accurate batch analysis and delivers 702 test results in 70 minutes

Small Sample Volume

When using the Evidence Investigator, only a small sample volume of 7-25uL is required, leaving more sample remaining for confirmatory testing

Technical Specification

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Evidence Investigator


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