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Epsilon 2-10D LSCplus


Martin Christ

Martin Christ

The Epsilon 2-10D LSCplus freeze dryer is a general-purpose, high-performance pilot unit featuring stainless steel shelves with internal heat transfer media channels for heating and cooling, enabling it to meet even the most stringent demands of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The key features of this unit are its drying options using up to seven shelves with a total area of 0.98 m2, adjustable shelf spacing from 38 to 170 mm, and a hydraulic stoppering device with optional stainless steel bellows seal. The Epsilon 2-10D LSCplus is equally ideal for product development and small-scale production activities.

Key Differences

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Technical Specification

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Ice condenser capacity:10 kg

Ice condenser performance:10 kg / 24 h

Ice condenser temperature:-88 °C

Ice condenser volume:50 litres

Shelf dimensions:350 × 400 mm (W × D)

Number of shelves:1 to 7

Shelf area:0,14 m2 to 0,98 m2

Shelf spacing:354 mm to 38 mm

Shelf temperature:-55 °C  to +60 °C

Shelf temperature accuracy:max. ±1 °C

Cooling systems:2 independent systems, air cooled (optionally water chilled)

Ice condenser cooling system:2 compressors, 1.2 kW each, in cascade configuration

Shelf cooling system:1 compressor, 0.9 kW

Unit dimensions:1295 × 1190 × 850 mm (H × W × D)

Epsilon 2-10D LSCplus


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