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Eco Dosimat




Preparing standard solutions, dosing precise volumes of liquids for sample preparation, and manual titrations – these are time-consuming and error-prone tasks if done manually.
The new Eco Dosimat is the key to higher productivity and better reliability in your laboratory.

This liquid handling instrument comes complete with a digital buret, an integral magnetic stirrer, and a touchscreen.

Key Differences

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Technical Specification

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The Eco Dosimat is a dispensing unit with built-in magnetic stirrer and touch display for universal use.

Increase your efficiency and precision for classic laboratory tasks such as

  • the precise dosing of any volume.

  • manual titrations.

  • the preparation of ion standards.

  • controlled dosing with specified dosing rate.

A report in accordance with GLP can be stored as a PDF or printed out for all of the activities listed.

Including push-button cable for manual titration and dispensing control.

Freely selectable cylinder unit with 5, 10, 20, and 50 mL.

Eco Dosimat


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