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Dehumidifier B-296




The Dehumidifier B-296 is the ideal accessory to condition the drying air or to work continuously with water and organic solvent mixtures. It ensures process stability and performance.

Key Differences

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  • Work with organic solvent and water mixtures continuously with Innert Loop B-295

  • Supply air as low as 0°C for Spray Chilling

  • Measures temperature and relative humidity of exhaust gas

Reproducible conditions

  • Reduces the optimization time of a formulation

  • Increases the drying capacity of the Spray Dryer

  • Ideal for humid locations

Easy to use

  • Easy installation and set up

  • Minimum user interaction during the process

  • Low maintenance

Technical Specification

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Dimensions (W x H x D) 350 x 600 x 400 mm

Weight36 kg

Power consumptionmax. 700 W

Connection voltage 200/230 V ± 10 %

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Min. outlet temperature 0 °C

Rate of cooling 600 W at 0 °C

Dehumidifier B-296


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