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CF2000 Centrifugal FFF - Particle Separator


Postnova Analytics

Postnova Analytics

The most Advanced System for High Resolution Separation and Fractionation of Nanoparticles!
Principle and Advantages of CF3
The new advanced Postnova CF2000 Series was developed to become the first professional modular Centrifugal FFF system available. It is completely controlled by the NovaFFF single software platform which runs the entire system from autosampler to detectors. The CF2000 Centrifugal FFF incorporates the combined proven know-how and the technologies from three decades of leadership in FFF. Due to its unique design, the CF2000 Centrifugal FFF system offers more flexibility, higher robustness and better performance than traditional particle sizer systems. The CF2000 allows high resolution particle separation and sizing at the same time and consequently sets a complete new standard and offers a real alternative to traditional particle characterization techniques.
Broad Separation Range.

Key Differences

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CF2000 - Unique Worldwide
High Resolution Separations

Centrifugal FFF differentiates itself from the various particle size analyzers which are available on the market because of its ability to deliver true high resolution particle size separations. Centrifugal FFF uses no assumptions or algorithms but just separates the single particles fractions with extremely high resolution.

Broad Separation Size Range

The CF2000 technology allows separation of small, medium and large particles at the same time in just one analysis and avoids the discrimination of smaller particles by larges species which is often a limitation in light scattering based techniques.

Separation under Native Conditions

Using the unique unpacked and open Centrifugal FFF channel allows the user to employ “any” kind of eluent which is ideally suited for the sample particles. Kinetics and behavior of particles under certain conditions, such as pH, ionic strength, etc., can be investigated easily by using the CF2000 system.

Separation of same Size Particles

Because Centrifugal FFF separates by size and density, it is possible to distinguish particles of the same size which have different chemical compositions and structures.

Flexibility & Interfaceability

The CF2000 Series was developed to be used as a modular FFF system which can be interfaced with existing other detection systems, such as UV, DLS, MALS, SAXS. This way, Centrifugal FFF can be used as a high resolution size fractionation system which then can be combined on- or offline with high resolution detection systems that provide an ultimate 2D view of any sample system.

Technical Specification

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Environmental Conditions:

Relative humidity 20 – 80 % (non-condensing) at an operating temperature range of 10 – 30 °C

Measurement Range::

Nanoparticles: 10 nm - 20 µm (Depending on sample material and density)

Minimum sizes achievable::

Al2O3, MnO2, Fe2O3, Clay, Si Au, Ag, are 12.5 nm, 12.5nm, 12.3 nm, 17.3 nm, 19.9 nm, 7.6 nm, 8.4 nm

Channel Cartridge System:
  • Inner Volume: approx. 2.7 mL depending on spacer

  • Inner Channel Thickness: 250 µm (others available)

  • Channel Diameter: 200 mm

Applicable Solvent Systems:

All typical organic and aqueous solvents

Connected Detector Systems:

The following detection technologies can be used in FFF:

  • Dynamic Light Scattering – DLS

  • Static Light Scattering - MALS

  • UV/VIS Absorbance

  • Other Technologies: Please inquire on compatibility.

Flow Rate Ranges / Pressure:
  • Main Flow 0.3 – 4.0 mL/min at channel outlet

  • System Pressure up to 8 bar maximum

Centrifugal Force/Rotation Speed:
  • Centrifugal acceleration 11 – 26369 m/sec²
    (approx. 1.12 – 2688 g)

  • Maximum of 4900 rpm

  • Constant, linear or exponential decay field

Required Analysis Time:

Typically 30 - 90 min; shorter/longer times possible

Injection Volumes:

Typically 10 – 100 µL

Injection Method:

Via manual injection valve or via PN5300 autosampler

Software System:

Unique NovaFFF software platform for complete system control, data acquisition, evaluation and report functions

Power Requirements:

100 – 240 VAC @ 50 – 60 Hz

PC Requirements:

Windows XP, min.1024 MB RAM, 1 RJ45 Ethernet LAN interface

Dimensions (DxWxH):

660 x 405 x 420 mm


45 kg

CF2000 Centrifugal FFF - Particle Separator


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