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Cary 60 UV-Vis




The Agilent Cary 60 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is efficient, accurate and flexible, and is designed to meet your immediate and future challenges. With remote sampling options, proven performance and low cost of ownership, you can be sure that the Agilent Cary 60 UV-Vis will give you answers you can trust.

21CFR part 11 full compliance

10 years warranty

Key Differences

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  • Lowest cost of ownership – Reduce time-consuming and expensive lamp replacements, and minimize instrument revalidation costs with the unique Agilent source lamp.
  • Eliminate photobleaching – Safely measure life science samples and be sure that you get the correct answer every time.
  • Reliable performance using fiber optic measurement probes. Why use cuvettes when you can bring the instrument to the sample and get accurate results in a fraction of the time?
  • Measure precious samples with ease – The highly focused beam image is perfect for measuring small volumes accurately and reproducibly.
  • Improve sample throughput velocity - Scan the entire wavelength range (190 to 1100 nm) in under three seconds and collect data from single or multiple wavelengths at 80 data points per second.
  • Performance enhancing accessories – The Cary 60 features a comprehensive range of accessories to accurately characterize the widest variety of sample sizes and types without compromise.
  • Software for real samples -  Win10-compatible Cary WinUV software can be tailored to suit your analytical requirements. From classroom to research laboratories through R&D and regulated QA/QC environments, simplify your measurements and get more done in less time.

Technical Specification

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The Agilent Cary 60 UV-Vis spectrophotometer is efficient, accurate and flexible, and is designed to meet both current and future measurement needs. The proven, robust design of the Cary 60 comprises a double beam, Czerny-Turner monochromator, 190–1100 nm wavelength range, 1.5 nm fixed spectral bandwidth, full spectrum Xenon pulse lamp single source with exceptionally long life. Scan rates up to 24,000 nm/min, 80 data points/sec maximum measurement rate, room light immunity, central control by PC with Microsoft® Windows® operating system.  Optional 21 CFR Part 11 capable software, and dedicated instrument validation software which includes pharmacopeia test suites.

  • Optical configuration: Double Beam
  • Wavelength: 190 – 1100 nm
  • Resolution: 1.5 nm
  • Light source: Xenon Flash Lamp (80 Hz)
  • Scanning speed: 24000 nm/min
  • Dimensions and weight: 477 x 567 x 196 mm (19 x 23 x 8 in), 18 kg (40 lb)
Cary 60 UV-Vis


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