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H.E.L’s fully customizable AutoLAB reactor platforms are designed, configured, and tailored to meet your specific process and application requirements. The modular and highly adaptable nature of the system enables the platform to evolve with your research and development interests.

Key Differences

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Controlled by H.E.L’s powerful labCONSOL software platform, the AutoLAB supports a diverse range of applications, such as:

  • Polymerization

  • Crystallization

  • Synthesis

  • High- and low-pressure reactions

  • Process optimization

  • Kilo-pilot/production plant scale-up

Features and Options

Vessel Types and Volumes

  • Interchangeable insulated vessels from 250 mL to 50 L available in both glass and metal.

Temperature Control

  • -50 ⁰C to 250 ⁰C as standard (circulator dependent) with additional options to increase the range of -90 ⁰C up to 350 ⁰C (circulator dependent).

High Pressure and Vacuum Systems

  • The AutoLAB has a high-pressure configuration that supports the study of reactions at elevated pressure.

Sampling Systems

  • Through active pumps, manual dip tubes, automated level control, or multisampling units, like the ASU.

Reagent Addition

  • Through fully automated liquid and gas feeds as well as volumetric syringe pumps. These solutions can be applied to both high and low-pressure systems.

Control Options

  • All relevant inputs can be logged, enabling automated monitoring and, where appropriate, feedback control of the reactor system

Sensor Options

  • Temperature, pressure, pH, turbidity, conductivity

  • Integration of third-party probes is possible, such as in-situ FTIR, particle sizing probes, and Raman probes.

Stirring Available

  • Up to 2000 rpm/400 Ncm and are supplied in a wide range of materials and designs

Intelligent Software Control and Analysis

  • labCONSOL software control enables regular data logging, multi-step recipes, parameter control, and feedback loops. The software adds a responsive intelligence to the system and still delivers an intuitive interface that needs only minimal training to run quickly.

Safety Features

  • Include automatic user-configurable reaction limits and shutdown procedures, to ensure user safety.

  • Automatic hardware and software fail-safes are installed on every system

Technical Specification

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