SpeedExtractor E-914/E-916




The SpeedExtractor is your best solution for fast Pressurized Solvent Extraction (PSE). Increase productivity by processing up to 6 samples in parallel. Streamline the workflow of your sample preparation thanks to ease of sample loading and ready-to-use extract collection.

Key Differences

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Unrivaled throughput

  • 6 times faster than other PSE instruments thanks to parallel extraction concept

  • Extract up to 96 samples in an 8 hour shift

  • Accelerate the extraction process and facilitate final results within one working day

  • Reduce number of replicates due to identical extraction conditions for up to 6 samples

Ease of operation

  • Unique design of extraction cells allows for ease of sample loading and cell assembly

  • High level of automation saves time-consuming preparation and increases safety

  • Quick, fail-safe and reproducible operation due to assembly of only 4 sample cell parts

  • The automated sealing eliminates sources of error and guaranties safety standard

Low running costs

  • Complementary workflow and synergy with parallel evaporation and concentration

  • Collection vessels with appendix make extract transfer obsolete

  • Reduced solvent consumption and minimal need for consumables give lower running costs

  • Save energy and costs with ECO mode for automated heater control

Technical Specification

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SpeedExtractor E-914/E-916


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