Sigma 8KS

Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges
Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges

12 litre capacity for production

The Sigma 8KS compact stand-alone refrigerated centrifuge can be used for all tasks in blood banks, medicine and research. The maximum capacity ranges from 6 x 1 l on the fixed-angle rotor to 12 x 1 l, 6 x 1.5 l or 12 blood bags on the swing-out rotor.

The motorized lid lock and its patented one-button control (Spincontrol S) makes the Sigma 8KS especially easy to use. The centrifuge has a low loading height, is pleasantly quiet in operation, and has low power consumption.

Floor-standing centrifuge Sigma 8KS - now with a new design

Key Differences
Technical Specification

max. speed [min-1] 10.500

max. RCF [x g] 20.462

max. capacity [ml] 12000 ml

Temperature setting range [°C] -20 – +40

Programs 60

Acceleration curves 10 linear, 10 quadratic, 10 user definable

Deceleration curves 10 linear, 10 quadratic, 10 user definable

Cycle counting Yes

Sigma 8KS