Sigma 8KBS

Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges
Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges

User-friendly stand-alone centrifuge for blood banks

The Sigma 8KBS stand-alone refrigerated centrifuge is optimised for the needs of blood banks. The motorized lid lock and its patented one-button control (Spincontrol S) make it especially easy to use.
The maximum capacity is 12 blood bags on the swing-out rotor. The centrifuge can optionally be equipped with functions for professional data handling in blood banks, based on the ISBT 128 barcode standard.
The centrifuge has a low loading height, is pleasantly quiet in operation, and has low power consumption The centrifuge is optionally available with water cooling.

Please read our new broschure Sigma Data Interface to get more information about using the controller Spincontral S for quality management in laboratory processes.

Floor-standing centrifuge Sigma 8KBS - now with a new design

Key Differences
Technical Specification

max. speed [min-1] 5.100

max. RCF [x g] 8.578

max. capacity [ml] 12 Bloodbags

Temperature setting range [°C] -20 – +40

Programs 60

Acceleration curves 10 linear, 10 quadratic, 10 user definable

Deceleration curves 10 linear, 10 quadratic, 10 user definable

Cycle counting Yes

Sigma 8KBS