Sigma 4-5L


Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges

Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges

High performance, low noise and high capacity

The main strength of the Sigma 4-5L centrifuge is its high throughput capacity, which is a key factor for hospital use. Other advantages of this laboratory centrifuge include high motor torque for fast acceleration, minimal temperature rise and low operating noise level.

The Sigma 4-5L combines unusually high performance with quiet operation. Automatic lid opening and one-button control make things even easier for users, and the stainless steel rotor chamber is especially easy to clean.

Please click here for more informtion about sample temperature during high throughput ambient temperature centrifugation using Sigma 4-5L

Key Differences

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Technical Specification

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max. speed [min-1] 4.700

max. RCF [x g] 4.643

max. capacity [ml] 4 x 750 ml

Temperature setting range [°C]

Programs 50

Acceleration curves 10

Deceleration curves 10

Cycle counting Yes

Sigma 4-5L


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