Sigma 2-7 Cyto

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The new Sigma 2-7 Cyto combines the highlights of Sigma 2-7 with state-of-the-art cytocentrifugation technology. It accommodates closed cytology rotors capable of carrying a maximum of twelve RESOPSIN® or Shandon™ cytology clips. The closed and easily removable cytology rotors ensure outstanding safety measures. Loading and unloading of the rotor can take place under the safety cabinet protecting user and sample before, during and after the centrifugal run. The compact centrifuge saves space in the laboratory, especially by the possibility to mount a 4 x 100 ml swing-out rotor for cell harvest in one and the same centrifuge. With its maximum speed of 2,000 rpm and two sets of acceleration and breaking profiles, Sigma 2-7 Cyto is perfectly suited for centrifugation of sensitive cytology samples and cells requiring gentle handling. Only available outside of Germany. In Germany, please contact our partner RESOLAB ( for RESOSPIN PRO®.

Key Differences
Technical Specification

max. speed [min-1] 4.000

max. RCF [x g] 2.540

max. capacity [ml] 30 x 15 ml, 4 x 100 ml

Programs 10

Acceleration curves 2

Deceleration curves 2

Sigma 2-7 Cyto