STRam - 1064


The prizewinning STRam® offers rapid material identification through a multitude of barrier layers and packaging which previously could not be penetrated with Raman. The STRam-1064 combines our high-throughput spectrometer, special sampling optics, and advanced algorithms in a transportable Raman system using our patented STRaman® technology. The STRam-1064 can collect Raman signals which are generated under scattering cover layers in order to identify material within even visually opaque barriers, e.g. plastic bottles, paper envelopes, kraft paper, fiber bags, and tablet coatings with minimal fluorescence. This means it is no longer necessary to open containers and touch the material, allowing the integrity of the packaging and of the sample itself to remain intact while at the same time enabling rapid incoming goods inspection of the material. The system design features a large sampling area and depth and minimized power density, making it easier to measure samples that can be challenging for conventional, focused Raman spectroscopy.

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STRam - 1064

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