SPELEC NIR 900-2200 nm


Metrohm Autolab

Metrohm Autolab

SPELEC NIR is an instrument for performing spectroelectrochemical measurements. It combines in only one box a Lightsource, a Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat and a Spectrometer (NIR wavelength range: 900-2200 nm) and includes a dedicated spectroelectrochemical software that allows optical and electrochemical experiments synchronization.

Key Differences

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Technical Specification

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Current accuracy ≤0.5% of current range at 100 nA to 10 mA

Current resolution 0.1% of current output range

Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 24 x 11 x 25

Light Source (LS) wavelength range 400-2500 nm (tungsten halogen)

LS Bulb life >2,000 hours Easy replacement

Maximum current in Ampère ±40 mA

Maximum number of channels 1

Maximum number of WE sharing AUX and REF 2

Measured current resolution 0.025 % of current range

Measured potential resolution 0.012 % of potential range

Multichannel instrument NO

Number of current ranges 8

Number of current ranges remarks ±1 nA to ±10 mA

Number of potential ranges (galvanostat) 2

Number of potential ranges remarks (galvanostat) ±100 mV to ±1 V

Operating modes Bipotentiostat ; Potentiostat ; Galvanostat

PC interface USB

Potential accuracy ±0.2%

Potential range in volt ±4V

Potential resolution 1 mV

Power 12 V DC

Spectrometer (SPM) Detector InGaAs photodiode array 256 pixels TE cooled

SPM A/D resolution 16 bit

SPM Dark noise 6 RMS counts at 100 ms; 12 RMS counts at 250 ms

SPM Dynamic range 15 x 106 (system);10000:1 for a single acquisition

SPM Integration time 1 ms to 2 s

SPM Optical resolution ~17.9 nm FWHM

SPM Pixel size 50 µm x 250 µm

SPM Pixel well depth ~62,500 electrons

SPM Pixels 256 pixels (up to 512 pixels under request)

SPM Signal-to-noise ratio 10000:1 (at 100 ms integration time)

SPM Wavelength range 900- 2200 nm

Weight of the instrument in kg 1.95

SPELEC NIR 900-2200 nm


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