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The Advanced Modular SEC Platform for Separation & Characterisation of Polymers, Proteins and Polysaccharides
Professional Modular System
The new Postnova SC2000 Modular SEC system offers unrivalled flexibility in Advanced SEC/GPC analysis. It is the first truly modular multi-detector SEC system available allowing flexible access to a wide range of applications.

Key Differences

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The system incorporates state-of-the-art detection technologies including light scattering (MALS > multi-angle light scattering) for absolute molecular weight and Viscosity detection for structural and conformational data. Many other detector and accessory options and combinations are available to build a system uniquely tailored to your application requirements, with the benefit of modularity to allow easy future expansion. In addition, the SC2000 can be further expanded to include FFF modules to widen the application range and allow both SEC and FFF separations to be carried out on the same sample within one instrument platform.

Postnova has drawn on over three decades of cutting-edge separations leadership to design a solid stable SEC platform for you to achieve maximum success with your applications.
Separation of Polymers, Proteins and Polysaccharides

The SC2000 System allows the separation and characterization of macromolecules of all types to be achieved quickly and efficiently.

Broad Separation Range

The separation range covers all types of molecules: Everything from monomers and oligomers up to the largest polymers, both synthetic and natural molecules, such as proteins or polysaccharides. Those molecules (or gels/particles) which are too large for SEC can easily be switched over to a flow-channel for FFF analysis.

Broad Range of Eluents

The rugged design of the SC2000 Modular SEC system ensures that the broadest range of SEC buffers and solvents can be used. This means even the aggressive solvents required for synthetic polymers are no problem for the system to handle.

Flexibility & Upgradeability - Advanced Research to Routine QC

The SC2000 is a very robust and easy to use instrument and can be configured easily to fit with the application requirements. A simple teaching or QC configuration can be easily upgraded to a full specification R&D instrument, even incorporating dual SEC and FFF technology. In addition, the SC2000 was developed to be easily interfaced with existing chromatographic systems from various manufacturers.

Technical Specification

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SC2000 Modular SEC system


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