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Used in hundreds of research laboratories around the world, the robust ‘H’ frame design of Rosand RH7 and RH10 floor standing capillary rheometers allows operation under ultra-high loading conditions, as well as providing optimized space for multiple accessory configurations.

Key Differences

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Research-level Rosand RH7 and RH10 capillary rheometers provide highly flexible measurement capabilities for materials under high pressure and high shear rate extrusion - from polymer melts to ceramics, and from foodstuffs to inks and coatings.

  • High force range (up to 100kN) and wide dynamic speed range (>225,000:1) allow test correlation with real material processing conditions.

  • Twin bore barrels as standard enable absolute shear viscosity measurements and simultaneous calculation of extensional (elongational) viscosity.

  • Range of optional barrel sizes and barrel materials to permit measurement of thermally-sensitive, chemically-aggressive or aqueous-based samples.

  • Wide range of high precision tungsten carbide dies as standard to cover all materials and test types.

  • Easily interchangeable melt pressure transducers to cover all test requirements – configured with low noise, triple-stage amplifiers for optimized measurement sensitivity at the die entry when using ‘zero length’ dies (extensional viscosity measurements).

  • Nitrogen purge option available for testing in a dry, inert atmosphere to minimize sample degradation.

  • Integral fume chamber with extraction to vent sample gases for operator safety.

  • Proprietary bi-modal speed control algorithms suited to low and high speed operation optimize shear rate measurement range for a particular die.

  • Precise sample temperature control using three independent zone heaters, with 10 times DIN accuracy platinum resistance thermometers. High temperature (500ºC maximum) and cooling coil options also available.

  • Rigid ‘H’ frame design for compliance-free measurements in transient tests such as pVT determination.

  • Open design below barrel exit to accommodate optional accessories such as die swell measurements, melt cutters, slot die system and melt strength (Haul Off).

  • Easy to use Flowmaster software with full range of tests and analyses for shear and extensional viscosity, as well as determining sample stability, wall slip and melt fracture.

Key applications

  • Characterization of polymer or suspension rheology across a range of shear rates and temperatures

  • Simulation of extensional viscosity dominated processes such as fibre spinning, blow moulding, film blowing and thermoforming

  • Assessment of extrusion behaviour for processes such as injection moulding and hot melt extrusion

  • Evaluation of material behaviour at process relevant shear rates such as high speed coating and printing applications

  • Detection of polymer instabilities such as melt fracture and thermal degradation

  • Measurement of material elasticity and related properties such as die swell

Industry applications:

  • Polymers

  • Coatings

  • Cermics

  • Metals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Sealants

  • Foods

  • Inks

Technical Specification

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  • Maximum drive force: 50kN (RH7); 100kN (RH10)

  • Frame stiffness: 250kN

  • Maximum speed: 600mm/min (RH7); 1200mm/min (RH10)

  • Dynamic range in speed: 240,000:1

  • Speed uncertainty: <0.1%

  • Temperature range: Ambient to 400ºC (standard). Ambient to 500ºC (high temperature option). 5ºC to 200ºC (low temperature cooling coil option)

  • Temperature control range: <±0.1°C

  • Bore diameter: 15mm (standard). 9.5mm; 12mm; 19mm; 24mm (bore options)

  • Barrel bore length: 290mm

  • Barrel material: Nitrided steel (standard). Hastelloy; Stainless Steel (barrel options)

  • Pressure transducer ranges: 30,000psi; 20,000psi; 10,000psi; 5,000psi; 1,500psi; 500psi

  • Dies: Tungsten carbide: precision ±5µm

  • Die diameter: 0.5mm to 2mm (in 0.5mm increments) and 3mm as standard. (Other diameters, including fine bore dies, available to special order)

  • Atmospheric control: Nitrogen purge for dry, inert test conditions (option)

Rosand RH7/10


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