RVC 2-33 CDplus with infrared heating

Martin Christ
Martin Christ


Compact benchtop mini concentrator for fast and efficient vacuum concentration, at home on every lab bench.

Optimal processing without specimen splashing is ensured by modern technology with variable-speed magnetic drive, automatic venting and internal control of vacuum application and release. This mini concentrator ensures optimal and gentle handling of DNA/RNA, proteins and other liquid specimens.

The special coating of the rotor chamber and the glass cover provide high resistance to organic solvents such as TFA and DMSO and aggressive acids such as HCl.

The RVC 2-18 CDplus as HCl resistant version can be specifically configured to suit your individual needs. A wide variety of rotors are available for this concentrator.

Key Differences

Technical Specification

Dimensions of basic unit (H x W x D) 240 mm x 240 mm x 345 mm

Weight 14 kg

Vacuum pump MZ 2C (end vacuum 8 mbar)

MD 4C (end vacuum 2 mbar)

Speed (fixed) 1500 rpm

Temperature adjustment range 30 °C to + 60 °C

Container volume 0.2 ml – 50 ml

Specimen capacity

max. 72 Eppendorf Caps

RVC 2-33 CDplus with infrared heating


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