Questron Technologies

Questron Technologies

Key Differences

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  • Ideal for both Open as well as Closed Vessel Digestion, Extraction, Evaporation, and Synthesis

  • Built-in temperature and pressure monitoring of each digestion vessel

  • User-independent safety features ensuring safe digestions

  • Enhanced safety using real time video

  • 7” LCD Display

  • Maximum 1800 W microwave energy

  • Maximum 230℃ digestion temperature

  • Pre-loaded EPA 3015, 3051, 3052 and other digestion method

  • Controlled release of over pressure to avoid cross-contamination

  • Rotating antenna and 360° carousel rotation ensuring uniform microwave distribution

  • Corrosion-proof PTFE-coated reinforced cavity for corrosion resistance

  • Microwave power output in small increments for precise temperature Control

  • 2450 MHz magnetron frequency

  • 150 CFM exhaust for fume removal and vessel cooling

  • Spring-loaded door latches for enhanced safety

  • 56 litres Cavity Volume

Technical Specification

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