Pump Module C-601 / C-605




The pump modules C-601 and C-605 are the core components of the BUCHI Sepacore® Chromatography systems. Whatever the application in isocratic or gradient mode is, the modules provide a reproducible and pulse free flow rate.

Key Differences

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  • Free choice of solvents thanks to inert pump head material

  • Reliable flow rate up to 50 bar

  • Multiple control modes according to the application

Small and powerful

  • Smallest footprint with flow rate up to 250 mL/min

  • Pulse free solvent delivery using a 3-piston pump head

  • Plug and play portable unit


  • Configuration adjusted to your needs and budget

  • Easily upgradeable: isocratic to gradient or manual to computer control

Technical Specification

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Function 3-piston pump chemically inert and biocompatible

Pressure range 0 – 10 bar (0 – 145psi) or 0 – 50 bar (0 – 725psi)

Pump type Radially arranged 3-piston pump

Flow rate 2.5 mL/min – 250 mL/min

Flow rate accuracy 2% of the set flow rate

Material in contact with solventPEEK, saphire, ceramic, FEP, ruby

Pump Module C-601 / C-605


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