Process Ion Chromatograph ONE

Metrohm Process Analytics
Metrohm Process Analytics

The Process IC ONE from Metrohm Process Analytics features one measurement channel and detector and quantifies components such as anions, cations, sugars, or organic acids in a single analysis. All modules necessary for the analysis, including automated sample preparation, QC standards, and calibrations, are integrated into a high-quality housing that fulfills IP65, protecting the system from harsh environments. The enclosure provides a clear arrangement of constituents with analysis instrumentation and electronics separately accessible. All bulk liquids are stored in a separate enclosure.

The Process IC ONE comes complete with a Metrohm Professional IC, eluent production module, liquid handling module, and one IC detector block. Also included are nine configurable wet part modules for filtration, dilution, chemical dosing or other sample conditioning—significantly expanding the industrial application capabilities. This analyzer can be optionally connected to up to 20 process points for time-saving sequential analysis at multiple areas inside of a plant. ProcessLab Manager software controls the analyzer, and also gives service reminders, reagent level alarms, and other important notifications. The continuous monitoring of control limits on the results as well as the presentation of relevant parameters allows for identification of process changes and other events, leading to easy optimization and control of the process being monitored.

Key Differences
Technical Specification

Ambient Temperature 15–45 °C

Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 600/1900/700

Ingress Protection Designed for IP65

Number of sample streams 1 to 20

Weight kg 225

Process Ion Chromatograph ONE
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