Metrohm Process Analytics
Metrohm Process Analytics

The 2035 Process Analyzer for Photometric Measurements includes a compact photometer module which is stable over a large concentration range, and is thermostated with stirrer capabilities. This analyzer is offered with two options: a cuvette system or a fiber optic dipping probe. The cuvette system is compact in order to reduce reagent consumption, yet it offers a long optical path length for high sensitivity. The fiber optic immersion probe broadens our application range substantially by making the accurate measurement of high concentration samples simpler through the use of internal sample dilution steps and a smaller light path than the cuvette system.

Photometric analysis is a common, widely-used technique which can determine ions such as ammonia, manganese, and iron in drinking water or even calcium and magnesium in brine solutions. Undesired sample matrix effects such as sample color or turbidity can be removed with differential measurements, taken before and after the addition of a color reagent.

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