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Metrohm has reinvented volumetric Karl Fischer titration: Discover OMNIS.

OMNIS is Metrohm’s new, fully integrated solution for water content determination with volumetric Karl Fischer titration. Determining water in samples has never been more convenient, safer, and easier.

Key Differences

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  • Safe: All chemicals handled in a closed system, no contact with reagents.

  • Easy: The water content determination starts automatically with the sample injection.

  • Convenient: the Karl Fischer reagent is supplied and removed automatically.

  • Fast: easy and quick sample preparation with the OMNIS Karl Fischer instrument.

Technical Specification

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Safe KF titration with OMNIS

With OMNIS, Karl Fischer titration is safer than ever. Contact with toxic reagents and solvents is eliminated:

  • No contact during reagent exchange thanks to 3S Liquid Adapter.
  • All reagents contained in a closed system.
  • Used reagent discarded automatically
  • Automatic titration cell filling and emptying

Easy KF titration with OMNIS

OMNIS makes volumetric water content determination easier than ever. This system takes care of a lot of the tasks that you used to do manually:

  • It starts the titration automatically
  • After measurement, the used sample is discarded automatically
  • The cell is prepared for the next determination automatically

Fast KF titration with OMNIS

Remove lid – titrate – close – repeat – all done automatically

Streamline work in your lab with OMNIS automation. With the addition of a sample robot to your OMNIS Karl Fischer titrator the system becomes almost 100% autonomous – just fill it with samples regularly and press start. The complete analysis is then carried out automatically, including opening and closing of the sample beakers.

  • Easy and fast sample preparation (time saving up to 25%)
  • Samples are protected from environmental influences
  • Automatic KF Dis-Cover lid handling
  • Work stations working in parallel (40% faster than sequential determination)

What is volumetric Karl Fischer titration?

Karl Fischer titration is a method for moisture determination that is specific to water. As opposed to other methods, such as drying ovens or infrared lamps, Karl Fischer titrators determine the actual water content in a sample, whereas other methods determine all volatile components that evaporate under the influence of heat.

One of the main benefits of Karl Fischer titration is that the water content determination typically takes only a few minutes, compared to up to several hours for drying techniques.

Karl Fischer titration is a well-established and widely applied analytical method. For example, it is the reference method mentioned in many national and international standards applied in all industries.

OMNIS – Karl Fischer titration


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