NIRS XDS RapidContent Analyzer



Rapid, nondestructive analyses of solid and liquid substances.

The NIRS XDS RapidContent Analyzer enables rapid, nondestructive analyses of solid powders, coarser granulates, pellets or flakes.

Composition or material identification testing is performed either in the laboratory or at-line, on samples contained in their original packaging, bags or vials. An optional variable spot-size feature enables the sample illumination to be adjusted based on the physical properties of your samples.

The measurement of liquid samples succeeds through the addition of the NIRS Transflection Kit for liquid samples (order number: 6.7400.010).

The sample is centered with the aid of the NIRS XDS iris (order number: 6.7425.000), thus enhancing the reproducibility of the analysis.

Versions with built-in mobile sample slides in X or XY direction are also available and are used to investigate larger, nonhomogenous sample quantities or for the automated investigation of samples in vials or tablets in reflection.

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Technical Specification

NIRS XDS RapidContent Analyzer


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