Multi Autolab/M204


Metrohm Autolab

Metrohm Autolab

The Multi Autolab is a multi channel potentiostat/galvanostat based on the compact Autolab PGSTAT204. It consist of a Multi Autolab Cabinet which can be fitted with up to 12 M204 modules. Each M204 is a completely independent potentiostat/galvanostat, allowing you to perform different measurements on each channel at the same time.

The Multi Autolab can be controlled from up to three different computers simultaneously, allowing to share the available channels among different users.

The Multi Autolab instruments can be complemented by a selection of optional modules. Each M204 module can be coupled to one optional module in the instrument. The maximum number of optional modules is 6. Optional modules or additional M204 modules can be installed at any time.

Key Differences

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Technical Specification

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Analog integrator true

Compliance voltage range in volt ± 20

Current resolution 0.0003% of current range

Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 520/160/420

Dimensions remark wtihout cables

Input impedance in Ohm 100 G

Maximum bandwidth in Hz 1 M

Maximum current in ampère ± 0.4

Maximum number of channels 12

Maximum number of modules 1

Modular instrument true

Multichannel instrument true

Number of current ranges 8

Number of current ranges remarks 10 nA to 100 mA

Potential and current accuracy V: ± 0.2% ± 2 mV and i: ± 0.2% ± 0.2% of current range

Potential range in volt -10 V to 10 V

Potential resolution 3 µV (gain 100)

Weight of the instrument in kg 14

Multi Autolab/M204


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