Melting Point M-560




The Melting Point M-560 is designed for manual determination of melting and boiling points. The easy observation of the phase transition through a magnifying lens together with the intuitive calibration and verification procedures ensure highly accurate measurements.

Key Differences

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  • Intuitive and multiple language user interface

  • Easy observation of the melting process through a magnifying lens

  • Easy and reproducible packing of the capillaries using BUCHI Sample Loader

  • Convenient storage of capillaries


  • Highly accurate temperature setting and measurement

  • Keep your instrument accurate using the menu-guided calibration

  • Easy verification of the calibration using certified standard compounds


  • Shortened measurement cycles thanks to fast heat up and cool down steps

  • First quick estimation possible using a temperature gradient up to 20°C/min

  • Parallel measurement of up to 3 samples

Technical Specification

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Melting Point M-560


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