Liquid Permeability Tester (LPT 400)




The Liquid Permeability Tester (LPT 400) is designed to determine the liquid permeability and the Silt Density Index (SDI) in technical materials in a pressure range between 50 mbars and 4 bars.

A fully automatic program runs the selected test. The liquid is collected in a receptacle and the weight recorded by a balance is automatically transferred to the operating software, which calculates the liquid permeability.

Key Differences

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SDI measures the percent drop per minute in the flow rate of water through a filter, averaged over a period of time.

  • In each cycle, the system measures the time required for 500 ml of fluid to pass through the sample, followed by a sample flushing step for 15 min before starting the next cycle.

  • Possibility to carry out up to 12 repeated cycles.


Operating pressure: 50 mbar - 4 bar

Liquid tank: 10-27 liter, made of stainless steel

Membrane test cell: Round samples of 25mm diameter, maximum 10 mm thickness
Square samples of 50*50 mm, maximum 10 mm thickness
Made of stainless steel

Flow/balance range: 0.05-8.2 kg. In process approx. 0-6 l/min real flow

Dimensions and weight

L*W*H: 630*470*1,680 mm, weight: ca. 70 kg

− Custom-made sample holders are available upon request,
please contact us.
− Includes a balance automatically connected to the operating PC

Technical Specification

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  • Liquid permeability

  • Possibility to perform single or up to 3 measurements simultaneously (at one constant pressure level or on varying pressure levels).

  • Duration of each cycle: up to 10 min.

  • Real time permeability vs time graphic display

  • Permeability results are displayed in Darcy and in l/(m2*h*bar)

Liquid Permeability Tester (LPT 400)


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