HotChip™ - GSM Heater Module




The Uniqsis Hotchip is a versatile standalone heated reactor module that is compatible with all Uniqsis glass static mixer/reactor blocks (GSMs).

The unit can be combined with an existing pump or the Uniqsis BPM to build your own flow reactor system or used as an upgrade to the FlowSyn to increase throughput for scale-up applications.

Temperatures can be set either remotely (RS232, LAN) or using the 'push-to-set' control. The animated display indicates, heat-up, cool-down and steady-state conditions and is easily visible from outside the fume cupboard.

Optional upgrades are available to increase the maximum operating temperature from 230oC to 260oC and to enable rapid cool-down by connecting a low-pressure laboratory gas supply.

Key Differences

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  • Temperature range: ambient to 225°C (260°C option)

  • Easy 'push-to-set' and 'push-to-start' rotary controller

  • Control remotely using the FlowSyn, Binary Pump Module, or FlowControl system...

  • Compatible with all sizes of Uniqsis GSMs

  • Bright, clear LED display

Technical Specification

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HotChip™ - GSM Heater Module


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