HPVA II High Pressure Adsorption Analyzer


Micromeritics Instruments Corporation

Micromeritics Instruments Corporation

High Pressure Volumetric Analyzer

Key Differences

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The Micromeritics High Pressure Volumetric Analyzer HPVA II evaluates the adsorption and desorption isotherms for a variety of materials such as MOFs, zeolites, microporous carbons or hydrides; with extensive isotherm modelling support including:

  • Freundlich

  • Langmuir

  • Dissociative Langmuir

  • Toth

  • Redlich Peterson

  • Langmuir Associative

  • Sipps

  • Virial Expansion

  • Tempkin

  • BET adsorption isotherms

With just a few mg of sample - depending on the material - you receive a better understanding of applications like hydrogen and NG storage, fuel cells and batteries, stack gas scrubber or hydrocarbon traps. The benchtop adsorption analyzer reduces user errors given its fully automated analysis software and ensures highly reproducible and accurate high-pressure adsorption and desorption isotherms.

Key Features

  • Single port, or four sample ports with simultaneous analysis

  • Pressure ranges from high vacuum to 200 bar

  • Broad temperature capability: from cryogenic to 500 °C

  • Typical adsorbates such as nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, argon, oxygen, and carbon dioxide

  • Fully automated analysis using interactive software

  • Software includes NIST REFPROP

  • Includes Micromeritics MicroActive software for surface area, isotherm modelling, and pore size distributions; featuring BET surface area, Langmuir surface area, and total pore volume calculations

Supporting greener manufacturing and industrial processes, measuring carbon dioxide becomes increasingly important. The Micromeritics HPVA II is best suited for:

  • Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
    The high-pressure analysis using the HPVA II simulates underground conditions where carbon dioxide can be stored using sequestration.

  • Shale Gas
    Analyzing the methane capacity of a shale at specific pressures and temperatures with the HPVA II allows to model the adsorption using Langmuir, Freundlich, and other isotherm equations.

  • Coal-Bed Methane
    The HPVA II analyzes a sample’s methane adsorption and desorption properties to determine approximate amounts of hydrocarbons available in coal-bed reserves.

  • Hydrogen Storage
    The HPVA II provides a weight percentage Pressure Composition Isotherm (PCI) plot that illustrates the amount of gas adsorbed at a given pressure as a function of the sample mass − the standard method for reviewing a sample’s hydrogen storage capacity

Technical Specification

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HPVA II High Pressure Adsorption Analyzer


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