FlowSyn Auto-LF II



Automatically fill sample loops with reagent solutions and harness the power of flow chemistry to deliver more compounds faster!

Auto-LF II is a flexible and powerful system upgrade for running multiple experiments under different sets of conditions with selected reagent inputs delivered from automatically pre-loaded sample loops.

The clever simultaneous loop filling and fraction collection save valuable time, while the integrated wash steps prevent cross-contamination. Interactive displays of pressure and temperature on PC allow real-time reaction monitoring as well as data logging.

The upgrade can be further enhanced by the addition of the Flow-UV inline UV/vis spectrophotometer to enable automated UV-directed product/fraction collection using pre-defined criteria.

Key Differences

  • Fully automated flow chemistry - just program and walk away

  • Synthesize combinatorial compound libraries

  • Screen for optimal reagents (bases, catalysts, etc)

  • Saves time: fill sample loops for the next experiment during product collection

  • Up to 4 channel system configurations with wash protocols to minimize cross...

  • Compact latest dual-rack autosampler with up to 96 sample capacity

Technical Specification

FlowSyn Auto-LF II


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