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Randox Toxicology

Randox Toxicology

The fully automated Evidence+ analyser is set to truly revolutionise laboratories worldwide. Continuing to provide high standards of quality, efficiency and reliability, the fully automated batch immunoanalyser simultaneously detects multiple drugs and drug metabolites from a single sample.

The Evidence+ analyser enables both efficient and cost-effective testing whilst providing accurate and reliable results to larger high throughput laboratories.

Key Differences

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Large Sample Throughput

With the potential of up to 5,280 test results*, and up to 44 tests per sample, the Evidence+ analyser is uniquely designed for fast and accurate batch analysis.

Quality Control Extension

Extended quality control viewing allows results to be displayed on the system for up to 180 days, facilitating the operator with trend analysis for recalibration and control performance.

Precise Testing

Biochip Array Technology has a proven high standard of precise testing with CV’s typically <10% and multiplex capabilities minimising analytic variation between tests, representing greater value for money as fewer samples and consumables deliver a more in-depth analysis.

Email Alerts

Configuration of the system enables message notifications and alerts to be
emailed to the user, speeding up the day-to-day running of the laboratory whilst increasing walk away time and productivity.

Worklist Loading

Allows the operator to save frequently used worklists, reload them onto the
system and apply them to different arrays with a few simple clicks, ensuring time to first result is firmly fixed at <45 minutes.

Barcoded Reagents

Reagent barcodes and signal usage calculation reduces human error and the possibility of using the incorrect reagents allowing a truly effective end-to-end solution.

Technical Specification

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Evidence +


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